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About me

Anastasia Petryaeva

Hello my friend! My name is Anastasia Petryaeva and I want to share a piece of my love for watercolors.

When asked what I want to become, from childhood I answered that I was an artist. I've been studying this all my life: nine years of art, a creative university. Only with a brush in my hands I feel that I am in the right place. Inspiration and a lot of ideas appear, and the feeling that I have something to give this world. Watercolor is not an easy material, it does not tolerate mistakes, and therefore sincere and honest. It's close to me. Every time everything is from scratch, in full force, here and now. For me, watercolor is a challenge. It is alive and dynamic, like the time in which we live, where everything is changing so quickly and we want to have time to capture the elusive moment. I really like to depict the states of nature, I like to draw flowers and birds, animals, everything natural.


I feel an urgent need for this. For me, painting is a way of self-expression and communication with the world, like meditation, and as an activity that makes me happy and fulfilled. And I want to share this with you.


When I draw, time seems to slow down, stop. Everything around ceases to exist. There is only this leaf and the whole world in it, filled with beauty and my admiration. It seems that this is the same inexplicable feeling of the state of the here and now. This is Love.

This happens every time I pick up a brush or see a sunset or dawn that excites my imagination, a piece of nature's life. So fast changing and so eternal at the same time.

I would be glad if my work resonates in your heart and gives you pleasant emotions!



Some facts
from my creative biography


• 2015 — 2019 Master classes by famous artists: Julia Barminova, Sergey Kurbatov, Ilya Ibryaev, Sergey Lysy

• 2017 Passed full-time courses at Veronika Kalacheva’s school

• 2013 — Graduated from the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts  in Ekaterinburg. 
Bachelor of Industrial Design With Honours

• 2009 — Graduated from the children's art school in Novoralsk (9 years of study)


• 2019 Personal exhibition in the children's art school of Novouralsk " With gratefully in the heart"

• 2020 Exhibition "Watercolor spring", in Moscow, Izmailovo Kremlin

• 2020 "International watercolor Art Fair" (IWAF) in Taipei World Trade Center

• 2020 Exhibition "Dance with Colors", in Moscow, IWS SARE Gallery


• 2020 Finalist of the first step International watercolor competition "Step by step" In Poland +publication in the catalog