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About me

Anastasia Petryaeva

Greetings! My name is Anastasia Petryaeva and I want to share a piece of my love for watercolours.

When I was asked what I wanted to be, I answered from my childhood that I wanted to be an artist. All my life I have been studying it: I graduated with honors from Art School and Academy of Architecture and Art, attended many master-classes of famous watercolorists.

Watercolor is not an easy material, it doesn't tolerate mistakes, that's why it is sincere and honest. It is close to me. Each time from a clean sheet, in full force, here and now. For me watercolor is a challenge. It is live and dynamic, like the time we live in, where everything is changing so fast and you want to capture the elusive moment that will never happen again. 


With a brush in hand I feel in my place. There is inspiration and lots of ideas, and the feeling that I have something to share. For me painting is a way of self-expression and interaction with the World.


Also the watercolour process is like meditating: when I am painting it seems as if time slows down, stops. Everything around us ceases to exist. There is only this sheet of paper, its potential, and the whole world within it. There is also the hope that right now I might be able to express something more in watercolour that cannot be expressed in words.

I love to portray states of nature; I love the transparency of water, the coastline, the mists over the fields, the tenderness of dawns and the richness of sunsets. Are you familiar with that childlike ecstasy when you see a sunset or a sunrise stirring the imagination? Or when the reflections on the turquoise water dazzle the eyes and it seems that there is nothing more beautiful than this deep bright colour of the sea? Or when the morning dawn has such a grace that you want to inhale this air and admire the moment from the quiet life of nature, so rapidly changing and yet so eternal...

I'll be glad if my work echoes in your heart and gives you pleasant emotions!



Creative biography

Anastasia Petryaeva is a practicing watercolor artist,
author of video tutorials on watercolor technique, popular with watercolor lovers and translated into several languages.


Graduated with honors from the Academy of Architecture and Art. Participant and winner of international exhibitions of watercolor art. International Brand Ambassador Rockwell Art

The original works are presented in private collections in Russia, Canada, USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, China, Australia, etc.
The main genre is landscape, landscape-state, emotional landscape, with an emphasis on color and positive emotions that the contemplation of nature evokes.

Some facts
from my creative biography


- 2009 - Graduated with honors from Novouralsk Children Art School (9 years of study). 2015 - 2019 Master classes by artists watercolorists: Ilya Ibryaev, Sergey Kurbatov, Sergey Lysogo, Yulia Barminova.

- 2013 - Graduated with honors from the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art in Yekaterinburg, Department of Industrial Design.

- 2017 Watercolour PRO course at Veronika Kalacheva's school


- 2019 Personal exhibition in Novouralsk art school "With gratitude in heart".

- 2020 Exhibition "Watercolour Spring" in Kremlin Izmailovo

- 2020 International Watercolor Art Fair (IWAF) in Taipei

- 2020 Dance with Colors International Exhibition, Moscow, IWS SARE Gallery

- 2020 International Exhibition "Dreams come true", Moscow, IWS SARE Gallery
- 2021 work awarded at the Pyrenees Watercolor Contest in France 

- 2021 1st Datong International art tour exhibition as guest artist 

- 2021 Presented in a catalogue at Castra 2021, an international competition in Slovenia

- 2022 Solo exhibition in Novouralsk city library "Symphony of colour"
- Regular participant of the international on-line exhibitions in Japan as guest artist at Japan International Watercolor Institute


• 2020 Finalist of the first international watercolor art competition in Poland "Step by step" + publication in the catalog
• 2021 1st and 2nd place in the nomination "Landscape" and 2nd place in the nomination "Wildlife" in the XI international competition of watercolor art "Aquarelium"

• 2022 3rd place in the 1st International Rockwell Paint Contest
• 2022 3rd place in the international competition-exhibition in Australia

• 2022 Publication in a French magazine
Pracique des Arts
• Since 2022 international cultural ambassador RockWell