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Welcome to

The watercolor basics course




The course is suitable for beginners
and those who are studying the theory of painting

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This course is unique in that it contains a lot of useful theory,
which a lot of beginners lack, and a lot of practical exercises.


With English voice-over

Duration: ~ 9 hours of video
✓ Unlimited access



Materials for watercolor painting and the first steps

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I'll tell you about the types of paper, paints, brushes, and about other useful materials. We will do some exercises: the first washes, color streaks, gradients. We will paint a study with a transparent branch.


About achromatic tone, grisaille

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We will work with an achromatic tone, without color at this stage. First of all, we will do a very useful exercise on how to see the correct tone of the color. We will do an artwork using the grisaille technique: a landscape with fog in a limited color palette.


Color and color harmonies

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We'll do Itten's color wheel. We'll talk about color harmonies, warmth and contrast. We will do my special original exercise. After that we will do an artwork to reinforce the material.


Expressive ways
in watercolor

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We will practice doing various effects. I'll tell you about the tricks of work
with tools and tools for creating effects. We will put this into practice: we will paint a spectacular artwork with a lighthouse.



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We will paint three states of the day: morning, noon, and evening. We will learn the subtleties of picturing the most common types of the sky: feather and cumulus clouds, thunderclouds. We'll learn how to add some grace to the artwork using a liner brush.


Final artwork

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We will create the final artwork with yachts,
where we can apply all the knowledge we have received. We will discuss how to devise a strategy for doing a watercolor work. This is very important to know for every beginning watercolorist.



In the first lesson, I will talk about the materials in detail.

In the course we will need:

watercolor paints (Nevskaya palitra / Mijello / Winsor&Newtonor / ShinHan or others);
brushes (see the picture above);
watercolor paper 100% cotton 250-300 gr
(Baohong / Saunders Waterford / Arches / Hahnemühle );
cellulose paper for exercise;
masking tape.

Feedback and student's works

(Find more under tag #seanastya_lessons)

What skill levels is this course suitable for?

The course is suitable for beginners and those who are studying the theory of painting. It doesn't require any prior knowledge.

Access to the course

You get unlimited access to the course and can study at any time convenient for you.

What is included in the course?

The course consists of 6 detailed video lessons with a total duration of 9 hours, as well as additional materials in the form of schemes, color layouts and photo references. You can also get feedback on all your artworks by choosing the "With feedback" option

What if I don't have some materials?

Above, I have indicated the materials that I recommend and use constantly myself. But your materials may differ and that's okay!
You can use your usual brushes and paints. If you do not have some pigments, many of them can be replaced with similar ones or can be mixed. I use masking fluid in two out of four works and it really comes in handy.




You get unlimited access to the course

of six video lessons for self-study.

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You get unlimited access to the course

of six video lessons with feedback from me

on all your artworks, studies.

I'll answer all your questions that arose during the course.

I check your work on Instagram, Telegram or WhatsApp

and explain what you need to pay attention to.

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Feedback from students

(translated from Russian)


Hello Anastasia! I'd like to express my deep gratitude for your Watercolour basics course! 

Despite the fact that this wasn't my first course on this topic and I wasn't sure whether to buy it or not, I'm really happy I made the right choice and bought the course! It's got lots of useful information, detailed explanations of all the nuances.

Things that seemed extremely hard all of a sudden become easy. Ranging from the choice of materials to technical details important in drawing.


What I've found really valuable in this course is that there are a lot of techniques that are on the one hand easy and on the other hand they really embellish the work. 

I've chosen to take the feedback option and I highly recommend this particular format!
The teacher's view, their support and valuable comments are really useful.

The references for the lessons in this course are gorgeous, each one of them is a complete work.


Another thing I really liked is your Watercolour basics course 😍❤️ it's the best course for beginners! You explain everything perfectly and you give the necessary tips and interesting tricks in watercolour 😊 I feel like re-watching it later because there's a lot of useful information there. I now use your tips and can't be happier. You inspire me to keep creating 🤗 thank you!


Here comes my final work from the course by @seanastya - give it an applause! 😄🎉

At the beginning of the course I couldn't even imagine that I would be able to paint a plot like this...
But Nastya explains everything in such a structured and logical way that you don't simply copy what the teacher does, but you have a clear understanding of what you're doing and why. 

This course has become my starting point of transition from painting with lessons to independent works - and it's thanks to Nastya! 💙


In the meantime, Watercolour basics course by @seanastya has come to an end, and here's my final work. I don't know how to write reviews. This course is simply amazing and that's it! I really liked the way Anastasia organized the lessons from easy to difficult, with logical structure and conclusions at the end. I myself majored in teaching (and that's not something you can get rid of) and I noticed the methodology. Add atmospheric plots, the opportunity to practice them right away and work with colour and tone. Perfecto)

I couldn't resist it and also bought the Seascape course, to be continued.


Hello! Yes, I wanted to say that I really liked the Conscious swatches lesson, I finally got the point with colours and combinations. It feels like many scattered pieces got together and now I can make more conscious choices of what to mix, unlike before when I did it haphazardly and randomly. 
I did the lesson yesterday and really enjoyed it.


Thank you for the detailed lessons that have everything: references, pencil drawings and, of course, your support!
I didn't finish 2 widely advertised courses that I'd bought, because yes, of course I could paint repeating after the teacher, but I didn't see how it would help me to grow as I couldn't understand why they would take lighter colours here or mixed those colours there... Some theory is needed to help you sort it all out if you didn't actually study it. 
I think that your course is a must for beginners, it's a lot of work and a lot of useful information for both beginners and those who paint very well but "intuitively" ❤️❤️❤️